Reviews from Moms and Dads

My newborn baby girl was so fussy when it came to nap time and sleeping. She has pretty bad reflux so sleeping was always tough for her and the fact that she wasn’t getting enough sleep made getting through a day a tearful struggle for both of us. The Daydreamer was a lifesaver in getting her to sleep regularly — we finally got a nap schedule going and when she has trouble sleeping at night we just put her in the Daydreamer next to our bed on the floor and she sleeps through the whole night! A miracle product that has saved the day everyday since we got it.— Melissa S, Gilbert, AZ

I started using daydreamer because my baby boy would not sleep in his crib. I tried everything, but I believe the large size of his crib simply made him feel uncomfortable. I originally had planned to use bumpers, but was discouraged from doing so because they are apparently a suffocation hazard. But without them, the crib seems so large, uninviting and sterile. And sure enough, even though I used one of those soothing machines to help him sleep, he woke up at all hours of the night. Daydreamer was then given to me by my mother. She thought it was so cute and looked much cozier than my crib, so I tried it. Literally, from the very first night I used it, my baby boy fell into a deep and long sleep. And when he woke up he even seemed happier, perfectly content to just stay in the daydreamer and play with one of his soft toys with the crinkly paper inside. I cannot thank you enough, as your product has really made a world of difference to me and my husband, and has allowed ALL of us to sleep much better through the night. I really want to again thank you for the peace and quiet this awesome product has given us.

— Lauren I, Livermore, CA

I know you don’t get too many fathers writing to thank you for your products. However, while I have never done this before, I felt compelled to because of the wonderful gift of sleep you’ve given me, my wife and more importantly our new baby girl, Lilia. Lilia had trouble sleeping since the first day we brought her home from the hospital. She was born premature, and had to stay in the hospital for a week. We brought her home, and like most babies, she seemed to be colicky and very congested. My wife tried everything she could and even co-slept with Lilia, but nothing worked. We even put her down in her crib to let her cry it out like one of the books said, and that was a disaster. Also, we felt it was cruel. We were told by a doctor it was probably just bad gas and to burp her frequently. Still nothing seemed to work. We were then given the daydreamer. We were desperate and willing to try anything even though we had not heard of this new product. And from the first night, she slept like magic. Literally the first night, she slept for six straight hours. What a relief. We then started using it exclusively instead of anything else and she slept beautifully. Even though she still has occasional burping issues, her sleeping issues seem to be totally cured by daydreamer. Thank you very much, and please let us know when you have any new products coming out.

— Sam H, Sacramento, CA

Our baby boy had to be nursed every two hour, day and night since the first day he was born. He is now 10 weeks old. Hubby and I are both exhausted primarily because of the night feelings. We tried so many different things to make him sleep longer, but nothing worked! We couldn’t get any sleep at all at night. We noticed that our baby really loves his car ride with us and has always slept longer and more soundly in a car seat. However, lots of people say it is not safe to let baby sleep in a car seat for a long period. We came to Daydreamer Sleeper at Babies “R” Us yesterday and saw the contour of this sleeper looked so similar to a car seat. We decided to purchase it and give it a try. At his first night in Daydreamer Sleeper, he slept 5 hours straight! We gave him one feeding and put him back to the sleeper, he literally knocked out in 5 minutes. The sleeper is perfectly inclined and has helped our baby to sleep better and longer. It also seemed to reuse our baby’s reflux significantly. Thank you guys for this wonderful product. It is so meticulously designed. To new parents who are suffering from sleep deprivation at night, your product means the world to them. Thank Lord! I would absolutely recommend this product to every one around us. Thank you.

— Didi W.

Medical Reviews

The DayDreamer Sleeper is a product I would definitely recommend to new parents, I suggest infants sleep at an incline to help prevent plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) as well as alleviate reflux, congestion and colic symptoms. The DayDreamer creates a safe sleeping surface which elevates a baby a comfortable 28 degrees.

— Dr. Jamison Foster General Surgery

As a family practitioner, I often see the effects of sleep deprivation on the whole family, especially after a new baby is born. To help babies sleep better, I recommend that they sleep at an incline. The DayDreamer Sleeper is ideal not only because of its 28 degree incline, but also because it’s portable and can go wherever Mom goes, letting baby sleep peacefully and Mom can accomplish the other tasks she needs to do.

— Dr. Gerald Muncy M.D

As a pediatric sleep consultant, I see many parents in my practice with poorly sleeping babies. This can often, but not always, be caused by colic, reflux, regurgitation, and digestive issues. In fact, 1 in 3 babies suffers from one or more of these conditions. Typically, my clients are sleep-deprived, frustrated, and looking to me for a solution. Providing parents with a safe and effective sleep tools is imperative. The DayDreamer Sleeper is the best product on the market for sleep-deprived parents who need their baby to sleep in an upright position – when babies sleep safely and more soundly, parents do too. There is no better product on the market for sleep deprived parents. I am recommending this product to every parent in my practice!

— Angelique Millette, Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Sleep Researcher

As a certified Lactation Consultant, I work with many parents who have sleep deprivation from their little ones who are suffering from colic, congestion and discomfort from reflux. DayDreamer Sleeper is a great, sturdy, and safe sleeper that keeps baby’s at a 28 degree angle to help promote healthy sleep. A well-rested baby is a better nurser and makes for much happier parents.

— Lillian Davis, Certified Lactation Consultant